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Our impact is made possible by partnering with visionary donors who understand the need for independent analysis and innovative solutions.

Our experts bring the brightest economic thinking to bear on our future, shaping many of the world’s most successful environmental decisions and policies over the past 70 years. Today, we’re applying our expertise to reduce emissions, build resilience, and solve the climate challenge. We hope you’ll join us.



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Rapidly responding to timely issues

Looking over the horizon


Amplifying our outreach

Partnering with visionary donors

Frequently Asked Questions

How else can I give to RFF?

Who supports RFF?

How are donations spent?

How does RFF ensure its research independence?


We ensure a high return on investment by strategically directing funds in three ways:

Rapidly responding to timely issues. We provide facts and analysis to leaders as they grapple with today's pressing environmental questions.

Looking over the horizon. We innovate, test new policy ideas, get ahead of problems, and developing the new lines of research.

Amplifying our outreach. We engage with stakeholders where they are—whether on Capitol Hill, in the boardroom, or across the country.

How Else Can I Give to RFF?

We offer many different ways of giving to RFF.

  • You can contact us directly by phone or email
  • You can make a gift by wire transfer, stock, or donor advised fund
  • You can establish a planned gift through your will or trust

Find out more on our Ways of Giving page.

Who Supports RFF?

RFF is sincerely grateful to our foundation, business, NGO, government, and individual donors for their generous contributions. Read more about our supporters.

How are Donations Spent?

RFF is committed to transparency and accountability in its financial reporting and provides a high return on the investment of our donors. Nearly 80% of our expenses support research activities, which are carried out across our many programs and initiatives. Please see our financial reporting for more on our expenses and revenue sources.


Please contact us with any questions you have about giving to RFF.