Marc Hafstead

Fellow; Director, Carbon Pricing Initiative; Director, Climate Finance and Financial Risk Initiative

Marc Hafstead joined RFF in 2013 from Stanford University. His research focuses on the evaluation and design of climate and energy policies. With Stanford Professor and RFF University Fellow Lawrence H. Goulder, he wrote Confronting the Climate Challenge: US Policy Options (Columbia University Press) to evaluate the environmental and economic impacts of carbon taxes, cap-and-trade programs, clean energy standards, and gasoline taxes using a sophisticated multi-sector model of the United States. His research also analyzes the distributional and employment impacts of carbon pricing and the design of tax adjustment mechanisms to reduce the emissions uncertainty of carbon tax policies. His work has been featured in the popular press, including the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Axios, and CNNMoney.


  • PhD in Economics, Stanford University, 2011
  • BA in Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences & Economics, Northwestern University, 2004

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